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Merlin Hi-Fi System

Sounds like

Music is precious. It can lift your mood, evoke a memory or sooth the soul. Enjoying your most treasured tunes means entrusting your music to a good Hi-Fi system - one that plays back music brilliantly. Merlin is a new system?designed to do just that. It's designed by the audio experts at ?Musical Fidelity and is waiting to change the way you listen to music.


For over thirty years Musical Fidelity have been at the forefront of Hi-Fi technology. We're known for our phenomenal high-end amplifiers and have received praise from critics across the globe. Merlin delivers Musical Fidelity sound quality in a beautiful, good-looking system?that's a joy to own.

Merlin Loudspeakers Merlin Loudspeakers
Merlin Amplifier Front View

Small package

Merlin is a sublime sounding system. It plays music with uncanny realism yet comes in a small, discreet package. It's designed to fit into your living room, dining room or office yet packs a powerful punch when you want to party!


No matter what your music choice the Merlin system will leave you spellbound with sensational sound. Our Roundtable record player?is crafted from the finest materials and delivers a thrilling sound from your vinyl?- be it a golden oldie or a modern masterpiece.

Roundtable Record Player Turntable
Merlin Amplifier Rear Panel Merlin Loudspeaker Rear Panel



  • Power Output 50WPC
  • Inputs – Phono, USB, Bluetooth aptX, line in (Digital or Analog)
  • Very High Quality Headphone Amplifier
  • Configurable Output (Digital or Analog, Fixed or Variable)


  • Power Handling 15-75W
  • Enclosure Type – One Way Reflex
  • Impedance – 4 Ohms
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