M8xi Now Available!

Apr 27, 2020

The M8xi is a powerful, fully-featured, high-end integrated amplifier developed by Musical Fidelity and the first new product under the leadership of Heinz Lichtenegger. Long time Musical Fidelity designer Simon Quarry brings the technical expertise to create a marvelously sounding new amplifier that stays 100% true to the original Musical Fidelity heritage.

In 1990, Musical Fidelity made the first ever Super Integrated amplifier: the A 1000. lt received a rapturous welcome and, even today, second hand, is selling at high prices. The A1000 was the first of a long line of Super Integrated Amplifiers from Musical Fidelity. Its children: the NuVista M3, Tri Vista 300, kW500, M6/500i, NuVista 800 and NuVista 600 all were equally enthusiastically welcomed to the audiophile world ..

The M8xi is the latest and the best of the breed.

The new super integrated amplifier: M8xi

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