We take great pride in the quality of both the build and sound of everything we make. We hope you enjoy your Musical Fidelity for many, many years. However, it is only natural that you may have specific questions about one of our products that may not be answered directly on this website.

If this is the case we would always suggest that you contact your local Musical Fidelity Authorised dealer or distributor. They are best placed to help you with a new purchase or suggesting suitable matching components to work with your favorite Musical Fidelity product.

If your question is a simple, factual one you may well find the answer in the pages of this, our Support section:


Obtaining Technical Support

Please contact your local distributor. A full list of distributors is available on our dealer search page.


Returning your unit for service

In the unlikely event you experience technical difficulties with your Musical Fidelity product, or it requires service, please contact your local authorized dealer?who is best placed to provide immediate assistance.

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