AMS35i | Integrated Amplifier (DISCONTINUED)

The AMS35i is a amplifier with pure Class A dual-mono power stages.

AMS35i Front Panel
AMS35i Rear Panel
AMS35i Extra Image

AMS35i (DISCONTINUED) - Overview

The AMS35i is the spiritual successor to our A1000, the world’s first super integrated amplifier and a treasured design still sought out by collectors some 20 years on.

We have concentrated our considerable research and development resources to create a new-generation, pure Class A integrated amplifier that delivers even more musical satisfaction. That amp is the AMS35i.

This pure Class A design is essentially a discrete pre-amp neatly paired with dual-mono power amps within one box. It uses trickle-down technology from our flagship TITAN amplifier, sharing that powerhouse’s characteristics in terms of low distortion, minimal noise, wide bandwidth and excellent load-driving ability. The latter means that despite its relatively modest 35 Watts-per-channel output, the AMS35i will effortlessly power all but the most demanding of speakers and fill all but the largest of rooms.

The AMS35i is the perfect partner for our AMS CD player/DAC combo - both look and sound sensational.

AMS35i (DISCONTINUED) - Specifications


  • Power output: 35 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms (15.5 dBW)
  • THD(+ noise): <0.014% typical
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >96dB
  • Frequency Response: +0, –0.1dB, 10Hz to 20kHz


  • 4x RCA Phono Line Level
  • 1x Line level XLR Balanced


  • Dimensions - WxHxD (mm): 483 x 148 x 475
  • Weight (unpacked / packed): 28.3 kg / 33 kg

AMS35i (DISCONTINUED) - Downloads

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